EKOgrown® are grown by a proprietary process developed in collaboration with Rootmaker® that optimizes plant performance and eliminates girdling/circling roots that are prevalent in container grown plants. These high performance species are valuable to wildlife for food and shelter, are excellent for stream restoration, wetlands, brownfields, mine reclamation, aforestation/reforestation, urban forestry, woody biomass for renewable energy and storm water management. EKOgrown native species are “Trees that Work” as cost effective and time effective solutions for projects in need of proven success!

  • Faster Growth
  • Higher Survivability
  • Earlier Fruit, Seed and Nut Production
  • Greater Root Biomass
  • Earlier canopy coverage

The plants will reach the maximum growth that each species is capable of as the site conditions allow. All seeds for EKOgrown material are collected from native trees within the region where they will be planted. They are reliable, hardy and naturally adaptable to the climatic conditions throughout the United States.