EKOgrow® is a composted humus based media that is site specifically formulated to promote optimum plant health, maximum growth and remediate soil in challenging sites.

EKO Bags® (Gulf Saver, Earth Saver, Dune Saver and other site specific brands), a technology and application developed for mitigation, stream, shore and wetland restoration EKO Bags provide for greater stabilization, remediation, accretion and higher survivability of vegetation in restoring damaged and degraded sites.

Gulf Saver Bags from EKOsystems PartnersThe Gulf Saver Bag® is a biodegradable, self contained package of native plants with its own site specific custom mixed supply of natural nutrients to support, feed and protect the native vegetation. The Gulf Saver Bag is a stability kit that jump starts, survivability and growth for successful re-vegetation of challenging sites. The Gulf Saver Bag® is a proven successful innovative approach to marsh creation for stabilization and restoration of wetlands and wildlife habitat.

The EKO Dune Bag® an ecosystem restoration package with a custom organic mix that helps maintain hydration levels for higher survivability in the face of drought, wind erosion, storm surge, and rapid beach erosion.

The EKO Dune Bag® creates a supportive environment for accretion by trapping sand and other organic material, allowing sediment to build, and adding nutrient rich biomass to beach areas creating “Dunelet mounds” for new nesting areas for birds and other wildlife and building back a living shoreline. The bag platform prevents the need for fencing on many sites. The EKO Dune Bag is ideal for sites where traditional plug plantings have failed.